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Torrent Tracker Russian subtitles exist on donations by users on request from the subtitle of hearing translators and support the server (it is not free).

Vip access to torrents with video (video files themselves are treated only for reference) and with subtitles created because of security considerations to copyright subtitles by us, because cases of assignment by third parties for resale in order to enrich themselves.

Creating and editing subtitles - is completely non-profit project. Neither the website nor the team has not received and does not receive any material from this benefit.

The team that created subtitles owns the rights to:

1) The text of the author's translation. You can not change the text, including reducing the amount or to correct typographical errors (they can be conceived specially so).
The authorship. You can not delete the subtitle of the list of people who worked on the text and timing as well as the site address for which to create subtitles.
3) Distribution. Categorically unacceptable any commercial use of our subtitles. We prohibit mass distribution of the subtitle through sites, forums and peer network without our permission. Also, without our permission is prohibited the use of our subtitle for scoring films, cartoons and serials.

Who we are and why they need it:

The first is the oldest multi torrent tracker specializing in subtitles. Very loyal to the original distribution of the resource with subtitles, you can hardly find on other trackers. And, of course, a lot of exclusives. Torrent Tracker for slaboslyshashih, deaf and for all! Come, you will be pleasantly surprised. Welcome!

Information holders: the whole video is used exclusively for informational purposes only as a demonstration of Russian subtitles.

The combination of the words "torrent tracker" should not confuse you. Nothing complicated in downloading movies with subtitles not. To do this you must first install on your PC torrent client. This is a computer program that you can download from the Internet. The list of these programs great. We recommend a proven and stable in the program uTorrent.

After installing uTorrent on your computer to download the film you need to go to our torrent tracker, select the desired movie from the database, download a light weight torrent a file corresponding to the movie, and run it in the program uTorrent. See how simple? :)!